The Poetic Note

"The threads of connection, the wordless vibe, feels undeniably strong. In this marriage of music and poetry together, we create your own heart song"

Anne Gaffney


We offer commissioned pieces that consist of a poem written to and for the recipient, delivering thoughts and sentiments the originator wants to impart and the recipient to know.  Martin composes the music to accompany the poem which we read and record.  We offer this unique package or gift in the form of a CD of the piece and a printed version ready for framing.  This is a very unique personal gift and the process includes a meeting with the originator, either face to face, on Skype (which allows access globally), or by phone or letter.  The poem is written and the music composed collaboratively and in conference with the originator and delivered to the customer.

This package allows for any occasion, a special day, an expression of love and appreciation, an emotive relationship i.e. the eulogised passing of a loved one. We can be part of the farewell ceremony for your loved one, be that at home, in a church or crematorium. We connect and chat with the family before composing a personalised piece as part of a eulogy in celebration of your loved one’s life.

It is a unique and personalised connection between two people (or more, it could come from a family to one member for example) that stands alone.  We have received some very positive feedback from both the originators and the recipients, and have been very moved by their reactions (see testimonials) and by the joy and healing that this unique and personal gift brings to all concerned, including the composers.



"Having Marina's life encapsulated and celebrated in such a profoundly moving way has created a truly sweet memory in the midst  of heartbreaking loss. I'm forever grateful."
Mike Theobald.

"I didn't know what to expect but a personalised poem to beautiful music was the most wonderful legacy for her. I could hear her laughing at the "inside jokes" and I could feel her presence all around me. Not only will she live on in our hearts, she now lives on in poetry and music! What a unique, fitting and beautiful tribute to my beautiful friend."
Emer Druce.

"I ordered a personalised poem for my Dad's 60th birthday.  After a hard year, it said all I wanted to say in a beautiful heartfelt poem, written by Anne and set to a perfect piece of music composed by Martin.  I cannot thank them enough.  It was easy to order and amend if needed (which it wasn't).  I have highly recommended them to other family members and friends too.  Everybody has loved the CD, its truly the most beautiful, meaningful and personalised gift."
Gemma Hopson.