Wedding Commissions

We are happy and delighted to say that our work has taken us in many directions, purely by its nature and through seeing our commissions delivered to their various destinations. From concerts to gigs to more intimate performances we have been lucky enough to enjoy the appreciation of many.

A recent, and interesting and very satisfying aspect to our work are commissions for weddings and the declarations of love and commitment that bring a tear to the eye and remain in the heart forever. Being involved in such a personal way in the celebration of the love and joy a couple share as they step into the future together is both emotional and magical and we love being part of how such memories are made. to have our work as part of that for bride and groom, the bride and bride or the groom and groom… is a real privilege for us is something we get great satisfaction from.

We are about to update our Facebook page to advertise this part of our work as we’ve had a lot of interest and we love the idea that we are a “gift” to the heart. Check us out.